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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I play in the NJSBCL League. I have just moved to NJ and heard about this league?
Anyone who wishes to play in the league matches organized by NJSBCL can join any of the 95+ registered teams in the league. We have teams representing almost all major towns within New Jersey. If you are a new player or have recently moved to NJ, please join the League Member Group on Yahoo at . Once joined, you can send a request to the Members specifying your area preferences and someone will get back to you with details on how and which team to join.
2. How do I register my cricket team for this year's Championship?
The league administration sends out an email notification to the NJSBCL Yahoo group members each year by the end of February. The Team Manager/Captain then respond with their willingness to participate and also their contact information.
Once this is done, a new Executive committee is formed for the current year to over-see the successfull administration of the League. Once the EC is formed, the Rules are laid out, the Schedule is created and the teams are accordingly notified. Any new teams can send in their participation request to the League at
3. How do I register my cricket team at the NJSBCL website (
You can register your team at the website by following the link for "2017: Register Your Team" from the Left hand side menu bar. Alternately, you can also follow this registration link
4. Is it mandatory for my Team to register at the website?
From 2008 onwards, it will be mandatory for all the participating teams to register at the website prior to the start of the cricket Season.
5. What functionalities does my team get to avail of after registering at the website?
Once a team registers, it can avail of the following functionalities -
  • Register and Login for Team Members/Players
  • Manage Profile
  • Generate Availability Request for each registered member of the Team
  • Indicate Availability for the generated Reques
  • Select Team for an upcoming match based on availability
  • Upload Match Results and Scoresheet
  • View Upcoming Matches
  • View Team and Player Stats
  • 6. What are the steps to register at the website?
    Once on the Team Registration Page, the team manager/captain is required to fill-in the following details -
  • Team Name and Team Email - The Team Email can be entered as "{teamname}"
  • Name and Contact Email for Primary Contact - Manager
  • Name and Contact Email for Secondary Contact - Captain
  • Name and Contact Email for EC Nominee for the team. This is optional.
  • Clicking on the "Save" button registers the team and sends an email to the above contacts with their login credentials
  • Once the email is received, the Team Captain/Manager can login and add new members to their team via the "Manage Team" link
  • Every registered member is required to change the password on first login
  • 7. The website requests for contact information of my players. Can I be assured that this information is not shared with any third party?
    The League collects the Contact information to facilitate communication between the teams when required. In most cases emails are used, however it helps to have the contact phone numbers of the team members.
    The League collects this information only for its own purposes and has no intention of sharing this information with any third party.
    8. What are the steps to accept the online Player Waiver form?
    Step by step instructions for signing waiver form online -

    1. Captain / Manager login to the website
    2. Enter email ids of all 14 team members
    3. Captain / manager then send a separate email to his team mates with the email id which was added to the website.
    4. The player once he receives this email, go to and on the top left corner , click on forgot password link
    5. In the next screen enter the email id which was used for registering him
    6. An automatic email is sent to the player's email id with the login id and password.
    7. Take those id and pw and login to the website
    8. Once logged in the player will first see the electronic waiver form which need to be accepted.
    9. Then the player can add his details if he prefers/change password etc